Are Panorama images the Next Generation of Photography




Recently a friend and professional photographer sent me a link to look at some pretty amazing 360 degree panorama photographs. They were taken by photographer Martin van Hemert and I must say they were some of the most beautuful panoramas I have ever seen. So I wonder if there is a long term interest or if it is a passing trend, Martin van Hemert believes it is the next generation photography.

I started taking panoramas with my Fuji F600EXR a couple months ago when I bought the camera on ebay. It is an amazing point and shoot camera for both panoramas and regular still photography and also does video. I really love the panos it produces and does it quite simply, however, it is still a point and shoot camera. Although this fuji F600EXR is the best point and shoot I have owned to date.

Panorama taken with Fuji F600 EXR



Martin van Hemert, Utah3D.Net photographer produces some pretty amazing and beautiful panoramas, what he also calls Spherical Panoramas or 360 Degree Panoramas. He shoots with a Nodal Ninja panarama head mounted with a Canon and fish eye lens for his panos. For stitching he uses PTGui. Also, Pano2VR has some useful functions. For HDR tonemapping he uses FDRTools, Photomatix, and Picturenaut.

To hear Martin talk about his Panaramas, see video below

To see some of his beautiful Panorama images, see:

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