Fuji Finepix S2 – Using Older Technology In Getting Pro Quality Images




Anyone who knows the history of digital cameras knows that the Fujifilm Finepix S2 was one of the greatest digital cameras for the money when it was first released in January 2002.

And now over a decade later it is one of the best buys in used digital camera bodies. Although a little obsolete by todays’ standards with the small LCD screen and speed, however, the quality is not obsolete.

I still own and use the Fuji Finepix S2’s almost everyday when I photograph items for my wife’s ebay business. Along with Fuji S2 body, I am using a relatively inexpensive Nikon Lens.

In my opinion and many other professional photographers the Fuji S2 excels in beautiful color and skin tones and image resolution. I have sold and still have several 24×30 canvas portraits taken with this camera. And they are beautiful!

Is the Fuji S2 still capable of producing good professional images today? I say yes, if you are aware of the limitations and can work with them. What are some of these limitations? Well to start with it’s a 6 MP camera that Fuji interpolates to produce a 12 MP image. This should not be a problem if the image size you require is 24×36 inches or smaller.

Focusing and shooting is slower than the newer state of the art cameras. This may be a deal breaker if you need to shoot really fast, especially if shooting raw. Sports photography could be a problem or children’s portraits if shooting in rapid sequence and you need more than 2 fps. Other types of portraiture like family portraits, bridal portraits and high school senior portraits may work shooting with the Fuji S2.

Product photography, which is what I use it for, such as lower res files for the web, works out fantastically well. Here is where I don’t need to use a more expensive DSLR since it would overkill. Let me point out that there is nothing wrong with using a more state of the art camera system but since I have the Fuji S2 I will continue to use it for this type of photography, especially if I’m making several hundred exposures per week.

Another limitation is the small 1.8″ LCD monitor if you need to have a more detailed view of the previewed image. I can remember taking photographs without being able to see the images after making the exposure. In the film days we did not have that luxury unless we shot a polaroid. Here is where an exposure meter or testing gave you correct exposures so you knew ahead of time what the results were going to look like.

Batteries in the S2 can also be an issue. It takes 2 kinds of batteries. Cr123a’s are used which operate the built in flash, metering, autofocus and the LCD panel. A battery tray which holds 4 AA batteries and snaps into the bottom of the S2 body is also used. Rechargable NiMH batteries are recommended and I started using Sanyo’s eneloop batteries with good results. These AA batteries I believe operate the digital side of the camera, the sensor, processor, LCD monitor and storage system. However, the S2 can still operate using only the AA batteries. I found this out about a year later after I purchased my first S2.

The S2 I’m now using was purchased on ebay and came with a battery grip which takes the place of the CR123A batteries and allows me to use another set of 4 AA batteries. Here is where I usually use Lithium batteries which last quite a long time.

Yes, the Fuji Finepix S2 Pro can be an ideal camera if you are aware of it’s limitations and can work with them. The Fuji S2 is also a great buy if you are on a tight budget and still need great quality images.


To See How Fuji Finepix S2 Pro is Used for Small Product Photography See Video Below:


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