How to Use a Reflector

How to Use a Reflector

Reflectors are generally used to lighten up the shadow side of a face or an object. They are also used to bring light into a model or your subject’s eyes. This not only brightens the eyes but adds a catch light to the eyes. This is very popular when photographing models and can be seen in almost any fashion magazine cover.

You can position the reflector so light can be added wherever you want, usually in the eyes, unless the model is wearing glasses than you create another problem with glass glare.

You can also position a reflector(s) to add a little kicker light or rim light on the model. In that case the reflector can be on the side or a little behind the model. This gives your photo or video more dimension.

When using natural, outdoor or continuous lighting, it is easy to position your reflector since you can see the effects as you move the reflector around.

Reflectors come in all different colors with white, silver or gold colors being the most popular. Black can also be used to absorb light. White is less reflective than a metallic silver or gold will be. A Gold reflector will give you a warmer light and may or may not be suitable for your lighting situation.

Using a reflector can definitely enhance your photo or video if used properly.


See how to use a reflector outdoors in the video below




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