The Ultimate Travel Camera Fujifilm FinePix F6000 EXR




Everybody is looking for a great point & shoot camera. So what’s the best compact camera for me to get? I get asked that question many many times.

Yes, even professional photographers would like to have a compact camera they can easily carry with them. Just about all camera manufacturers make some amazing cameras these days. Years ago you didn’t have all the options and features offered today in a compact camera.

Research Leads Me To The Fuji F600 EXR

Fuji Finepix F600 EXR

After doing much research, I decided on the Fujifilm F600 EXR. I got my grandson a new Fuji F550 EXR a little over a year ago as a birthday gift. Fuji now came out with the F700 EXR and F800 EXR series, basically the same camera with a few upgrades such as including a 20x optical zoom. But for me the 15x optical zoom is more than adequate for my needs. So I purchased the F600 EXR on ebay, since it was listed at a good price and was like new.

For someone looking to get fantastic images from a small camera, this is it. If you have some knowledge about photography, I believe this camera may be right for you. It offers so many fantastic features such as EXR Auto with new Motion Detection that instantly recognizes 54 scene types, automatically optimizes every setting from exposure to white balance, and even switches to the ideal sensor mode: HR High Resolution for well-lit conditions, SN High Sensitivity/Low Noise mode for low light, and DR Dynamic Range mode for high-contrast scenes. I have mine set to DR (Dynamic Range) so I’m able to get more detail in the highlights.

By shooting in the 8MP high dynamic range DR mode, This automatically captures and combines two separate shots and produces superb results in high contrast situations.

Another favorite feature of mine is the ability to take up to 360 Panorama images. Also, in the advanced more you can set the camera to shoot in the Pro Focus mode. What this does is allow you to have the subject sharply in focus and puts the background in soft focus. This is a similar effect , although not quite as pronounced, professional photographers achieve when using their fast portrait lenses that puts a nice blur on the background.

Other features include:

16 Megapixel BSI EXR CMOS Sensor

EXR Processor

15X Fujinon Zoom Lens

30X Intelligent Digital Zoom

High Speed Auto Focus

High Speed Continuous Shooting

New EXR Auto with 99 Shooting Patterns

GPS with Landmark Navigator, Auto Geo Tagging and Photo Navigation

Advanced Photo Modes – Motion Panorama 360

Advance Photo Modes – Pro Low Light Mode

Full HD Movie with enhanced brightness

Convenient Mode Dial

Pop-Up Flash


Fuji Finepix F600 EXR

Photos taken with Fuji Finepix F600 EXR


The Ultimate Travel Camera

The Fuji Finepix F600 EXR offers so many unique features that it may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But I think, they definitely are worth learning. And the more you understand and use these features the more you will love this little compact camera. With it’s small size and big features, it is great for vacations, trips and anywhere you go when you don’t want to be tied down with lots of equipment.

To learn more about the Fuji F600 EXR see the videos below:

Fuji F600 EXR Part 2

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