Business Portraits & Head Shots on Location

Business portraits can be photographed to be on the more serious side or with a touch of a smile and a friendly yet business look. Or, they can be completely casual, depending on the look they are trying to achieve. Whether you are photographing a company executive or a business owner working in a trade, people want to look their best and want the public to perceive them as being professional, honest, confident and very competent in what they are looking for. All this should come across in their business portrait.

The first thing I always asked them before we start the session is how will be the portrait be used and as we start talking I also find out how they would like it to be perceived.

In other words, if they are an executive, are they looking for a more professional, and in-charge type of look or a more casual, friendly and approachable type of look.

Business portraits are generally used for web sites, it may be the company they work for or their own web site. They are also used for business cards, brochures and in modeling, there are what are called head shots and also may be used in electronic media or distributed as 8×10 photographs.

We offer several packages customers can choose from such as a single low res images to an all inclusive retouching of all image files.

Business Portraits & Head Shots on Location