Create a CD/DVD Jewel Case Cover Photo in Adobe Photoshop

When presenting your client with a CD or DVD, whether it’s electronic images of a business portrait head shot, or a DVD slide show, why not present their images in a professional manner.

Instead of handing them a CD/DVD in a paper sleeve that not only looks amateurish but has a cheap perceived value of no more than the paper sleeve, why not present their CD/DVD in a
beautiful finished jewel case. Not only will you be presenting their photos in a more professional way, but you will be advertising your studio name as well.

There are times when you may want to make Custom DVD Cases for portrait or wedding clients who ordered a special premium package. Such personalized custom DVD cases can be made up by
your lab or album company. However, these custom & personalized DVD cases may cost you $30 or more each. What I do for our business portrait and head shot customers is make up my own
photo and slip it into a jewel case.

There are times when someone may need a couple low res or even high res head shots in a hurry. If that’s the case, we just send them the low res images by email or send them a link to our
“Cloud Storage” account so they have access to their files. Most of the time though, when doing head shots, we also offer them the option of getting several images and they may include hi res
images. In that event, the images are placed on a CD/DVD and I easily make up a CD/DVD cover photo using a template that I made and then I upload the image to a nearby local lab. The
CD/DVD is usually ready the same day.

Once you make up the template, which consists of the photo that includes their name and also the name of your studio, it is easy to design and upload to your favorite local lab. If they are in no
hurry for their CD/DVD and they have a portrait or wedding order that we are uploading to our professional lab, then we’ll include the jewel case image in the upload.

You can take this one step further by placing an advertising message in the inside of the jewel case cover. Also add your logo, address & phone number or email address.

To Learn How to Create Your Own CD/DVD Jewel Case Cover Photo See Video Below