Can a Camera Bracket Make You a Better Photographer



Most professional photographers know the benefits of using a good camera bracket. Besides the obvious fact of ease of handling there are many more benefits that could help you take more professional photos, here they are:

The flash can be mounted higher above the camera – By having the flash higher above the lens, shadows are cast behind the subject and are therefore not seen in the photograph. This also eliminates red eye.

Camera can be rotated to shoot in vertical format as flash remains higher above the lens – When choosing a bracket that is fitted with a rotator at the flick of your wrist the camera is rotated as the flash remains in place.

Radio Slave mounts onto camera bracket – Your radio slave is easily attached to the bracket when you need to set off one or more remote flashes.

Quick release allows for quick & easy attachment – By using a quick release on the camera, bracket, tripod, mono-pod and even studio stand you can remove and re-attach you camera easily and in seconds.

Whether I’m using a tripod or a mono-pod my camera will have a Just Rite rotating bracket. This allows me to roll the camera into vertical position and I can easily rotate the camera back again to shoot horizontally.

When photographing a wedding the Just Rite bracket may be one the best camera brackets available since it allows you to do all of the above.



To Learn More about Camera Brackets and Accessories see the videos below: